Make a Difference.

Meet New People. Have Fun.
The FAEposium offers you the opportunity to participate as a volunteer.We are looking for volunteers to greet and work the door.

So, now to the juicy fun stuff about volunteering at the door for FAEposium. There will hopefully be two people volunteering at the door so you’ll have a team mate. Mike Brown(Thumper) the door coordinator will also be in the space pretty much the whole event and will be available for any questions. (I might be in workshops but am open to being called out if needed). All door volunteers will receive training from me and/or the current door volunteers at the beginning of their shift. There will also be printed signs with instructions on how to take donations, general FAQ etc.

The door duties are as follows: Greeting people, taking donations/asking if people have donated already (Donations can be via Cash, Check and Credit via Paypal on an iPad), passing out a brochure about the event, answering general questions that people have, passing out cups, putting bracelets on people, explaining some logistics about the event and the space. There might be a few additional things added to this list but, those are the major ones.

All Shifts are under three hours. We would really love it though if you would like to work more then one shift, you could even to them back to back!

Please check out the handy dandy  Door Volunteer Roster google Doc to see if there is a time you would like to volunteer and email with the time/day you’d like to help out and your phone #. to Mike Brown

Thank you so much!