FaePosium II (2009): Workshop Descriptions

Arun (Joseph Ragan) ,”Removing the Curse: Understanding Self-Destructive Programming Within Queer Culture”
This is an exploration of the self-destructive programming within queer culture and its origins within the scripts inherited from the HeteroTheocracy. This discussion explores the ways that our lives are often dominated by mythic patterns and seeks to inspire queer artists and magi to create together the myths, stories, rituals that detoxify this influence. The Questions specifically addressed are “What is HeteroTheocracy?”, “How do the Gods of human culture effect every aspect of our lives?” and “How can we become conscious, creative participants in culture, rather than its hostages?”
Cayenne,“Who wants to look pretty?”-A Sacred Drag Makeover Workshop
Witness drag magic as the first 6 people who sign up for TRANSformation are primped, painted, and photo’d by a panel of drag wizards and witches.
Clayton Robbins,Health Enhancement 1, the basics of immune function and the bio-psycho-social cofactors that drive resilience and health.
Our immune system has developed an array of complex functions to protect us from pathogens such as viruses and bacteria, and abnormally growing human body cells such as cancers and tumors. And the success (or failure) of these functions is driven by a number of biological, psychological, and social life issues, called Cofactors. This workshop will introduce the basics of immunity, explain why HIV is particularly challenging for our body to combat, and begin to offer practical skills that can be used to enhance immune functioning and health. This workshop is ideal for anyone who seeks support in fighting illness from cancer, hepatitis C, or HIV, and anyone wishing to maintain good health and promote healthy aging.
Daniel “Pippin” Borson,Children in the Faerie World
Many faeries have children, some from previous relationships with women, some in current relationships, and some on their own. What place to children have in Faerie community? What can we give to the children of other Faeries, and what can we receive from them in our lives that can enrich everyone and build stronger Faerie communities? Pippin will discuss his experiences as a father and as a Faerie, and his journey to integrate the two.
Don Kilhefner , The First Radical Faerie Gathering: The Vision
In this workshop Don will talk about the co-organizing with Harry Hay of the first Radical Faerie gathering in the Sonora desert of Arizona over Labor Day weekend In 1979. He will also speak about Harry and Don’s joint vision for the Radical Faeries and explore with the participants of the workshop where we are now and the need for another national gathering of Radical Faeries.
Hawthorne Ganesha Hibiscus ,The Early Years of the Radical Faeries: Emergence
A group of panelists will discuss several different aspects of the early years of the Radical Faeries. Two of the panelists attended the first Faerie gathering in Benson Arizona, others were involved in the formation of Nomenus and Wolf Creek Sanctuary. Murray Edelman will discuss faerie circles he led in bathhouses and other venues in San Francisco prior to the first Gathering. Joey Cain will discuss the emergence of Nomenus, and early gatherings at Wolf Creek Sanctuary. Mykdeva will discuss the first Radical Faerie gathering in Benson Arizona. In the course of the discussion there will be attention paid to how issues of the early years relate to the issues of today. (Joey Caine, Murray Eddelman, Mykael David, Hawthorn
Heron Saline, aka Sofar Sogood ,Personal Thinking Patterns Intro: a Guided Tour of Your Own Amazing Mind!
This fun and fascinating hour introduces the Personal Thinking Patterns ™ model which Heron learned and was certified in by its founder, Dr. Dawna Markova, after she spent more than two decades studying with Milton Erickson, the generally acknowledged “father” of modern Hypnosis. It is a map for understanding and moving effectively at will through the various kinds of thought, feeling, and consciousness for optimally productive use of one’s mind. It has been likened to “getting your hands on the Owner’s Manual for your own mind!” Heron has taught a longer version of this presentation at the Zuni Shamangath, Kawashaway Sanctuary, and at Wolf Creek at the 2001 Convocation of Communities to a great reception. Want to understand how you think, learn, and communicate best in terms of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic informational forms for your fiercest clarity, processing, creativity, and memory storage/recall? Come learn about your mind in this experiential workshop!
huilo marvavilla mago jaguar ,The New Language of the Heart
All one’s thoughts affect the world you create daily… and it’s NOT a secret! Words are codes and patterns are codes that unleash a wonderful field of energy to move events into constructive modes of beingness. Starting with ritual invocation the group considers how and when to move energy with sacred tools of creativity including art, dance, stillness while reactivating and fully engaging the entire sensory kundalini self and reentering (though no one has actually left) the galactic matrix. Your thoughts become real. This is a magical class and training forum. I will provide all tools, paper, artist materials and music and video to explore your hearts desires…. with intention and reveal how we are affecting the matrix daily with hexes and spells of doom when we can feed it “bloom” on a regular basis.
Hypnodad/Murray Eddleman,Erotic Hypnosis
Once you get past the myth and fantasies of hypnosis, there is a methodology for working with the unconscious mind that can open the door for exploration, getting through blocks and finding new pleasures. All participants will get the chance to experience the power of suggestion and some will get the opportunity to go into a deep hypnotic trance.
Jeremy Novy,Make Change Cause Progress – A Stencil Work Shop
Radical groups like ActUp found street art a great way to make the masses pay attention to pressing issues of the gay community. This workshop will not only give a brief history of street art and ActUp but also will give you the tools and guide you through cutting out a stencil. By the time you leave you will have been given ideas and information to create your own street art based on radical ideas. You also will leave with a stencil you cut based of the FAEposium and the Radical Faerie Community. Please bring notebook, pencil and x-acto knife if possible. Extra x-acto blades will be provided.
Jesse Sanford ,Sanctuaries in the City
Space is the place to be yourself. Space is the place to take care of your friends, to cook yummy food, to take that glittery winged cutie who just landed in your lap. It can also be a home, a zone where you can have privacy, calm, healing when you need it, where the feng shui is just exactly your own. Yet how do faeries survive and thrive when the costs of rent and food keep going up? How can we provide community as well as privacy for each other? How do we live well together through thick and thin, through all our highs and lows? This illustrious Pan Elle of urban faerie sanctuarians explores past, present and future, with special consideration of the possibilities for establishing more permanent urban faerie sanctuary spaces in our beloved cities.
Joe Cannon a.k.a. Meadowdreamer ,Green Faeries Unite! Sustainability, Spirituality, and Community
Individual faeries in our larger community may be dealing with the current global ecological crisis through denial, confusion, being overwhelmed, and/or fatalism. Yet I believe that through connecting and working with others to move towards sustainability we can turn those fears into hope and excitement for the possibility of substantive change and inspire direct personal action. I hope to start a conversation about what is possible for us to do as individuals as well as a community to move towards living sustainably. The required change will need to go far beyond just more recycling and solar cells. It must be a radical (as in radical faeries) shift in how we see these challenges, and how we think and live. I will present some ideas on how to look at this crisis as an extraordinary opportunity and what I hope is possible for the faeries in exploring the intersection between sustainability, spirituality, and our community. This talk is meant to be an introduction/invitation to start a local interest group of queer fae folk who wish to deepen their understanding of how to live sustainably; exploring the practical, philosophical and spiritual aspects of what is possible if we as a community collaborate, learn, teach, and inspire one another towards personal and collective action.
Joey Cain,Roots of the Radical Fairies: Edward Carpenter and The Dear Love of Comrades:
The English socialist, poet and gay visionary Edward Carpenter lived from 1844 to 1929. Through out his life he campaigned for many issues ranging from women’s suffrage to the protection of the environment, from sexual emancipation to the formation of trade unions. A unifying spiritual vision underlay all of his life and work. Carpenter’s ideas about gay men, their gifts and their role in the world profoundly influenced the visionaries who called the first Radical Faire gathering in 1979. This presentation traces elements of Carpenters biography and examines his ideas about gay people that contributed to the creation of the Radical Fairies.
Jombi Supastar ,Diversifying the Faery Community in regard to race, class and gender:
3 different Panels under the heading Diversifying the Faery Community in regard to race, class and gender: 1. Coming to Terms, 2. Speaking to Our Experience, 3. Looking toward the Future. (MOTHER-SISTER, MARKISS SAGEE, ANGIE, OBERON and JOMBI )
Joseph Kramer ,Negotiating Subject-SUBJECT SEX?
If you are into wild contact improvisational sex and don’t know how to relate to bliss-bunny, trance-loving, erotic introverts, come and breathe with us. If you have panned for erotic gold without luck at The Naraya or at naked yoga, perhaps a change of lenses would be beneficial. Or perhaps a few minutes of stretching could help. Have you noticed that everyone you meet on Manhunt, Grinder and (gasp) Craigslist seems locked into a very narrow sexual world? What’s a girl to do? Perhaps you have just joined a new community and the local sex rituals seem strange and foreign. 1. Non-dual Mystical Trancel. 2. Contact Improvisation Dance, 3. I-Thou Engagement
Kaleo O’Kalani Kaluhiwa and Chas Nol,Body/Mind/Spirit: Getting the Sex and Touch You Need
Stuck in a sexual script in an extended run play that bores you? Often find yourself in a state of anxiety–scarcity and neediness–that leaves you frustrated and alone? Find yourself taking risks you wish you hadn’t? Ending up with unsatisfying encounters? Join your brothers for a hands on, clothes on, ask, show and tell playshop. Identify your physical boundaries. Learn to pause, ground and ask yourself what you need. Communicate your desires, verbally and nonverbally, to others. Negotiate them, when –surprise– you don’t immediately get what you want. There will be an emphasis on clear communication expressed with compassion. This will be a most excellent warm up to the all night Cuddle Party.
Leeza Edwards,Quantum Healing
A dialog offered from a practical and yet mystical perspective, that allows for authentic healing to be experienced. It’s here that we get to the core of illness, disease as well as mental and emotional pain & suffering. By applying the fundamental principles of quantum physics, metaphysics, ayurveda and the discoveries made in neuroplasticity, we start to realize how to shift from a static, fixed perspective of our bodies to one that’s dynamic and interconnected. In this workshop, we’ll delve into the field of ALL possibilities and begin to discover how the process of letting go and choosing to see the Divine within, allows us to then experience life from a more Loving world view.
Mark Freeman or Mark! (pronounced MarkBang) ,Re-Calling Faerie History/Herstory: How Each of Us Found Faedom
A chance for juicy old-timers and divine young upstarts to tell what it meant to discover faeness. “Talking story” in a time-limited, supportive circle means no one can be wrong. If-onlys, they-shouldas, and vintage whines are best left in the past, where they belong. Strength, hope and continuity come now from hearing and being heard. Called by Mark! (Bang) whose memories of queer life in Wolf Creek going back to 1971 are included in Tommi Avicolli Mecca’s recent book on the early years of Gay Lib, Smash the Church, Smash the State. Mark! will open by reading from his chapter, “Coming Out As a Reluctant Activist in a Gay Maoist Cell who Mostly Just Wanted to Get Laid”.
Munk ,“Art and Mysticism as tools for Transpersunal Transformation”.
This presentation seeks to define the visual culture that surrounds and makes up the Radical Faeries. The goal is to create a list of criteria that make up a Radical Faeries aesthetic. Through sampling various aspects of visual culture surrounding Radical Faeries, such as movies like The Cockettes, Hope Along The Wind, and The Sissyboy documentary, performances from no talent shows, outfits from gatherings, past and present, and artwork made by Radical Faeries, this presentation hopes to provide a compelling, dynamic, bomb-tastic, approach to viewing Radical Faerie aesthetics in a new and informed framework.
Mykdeva (for Mykael Deva’d & Allen Page) ,A Spiritual Conference for Radical Fairies: The 1979 Multimedia Slideshow in Video Transcription
It’s been 30 years since that first faerie gathering in 1979, you’ve seen photos and read articles, and heard the stories. This is your chance to sit back and let hundreds of images taken at that gathering and choreographed to music transport you to that desert sanctuary where it happened. You will see faeries in circles, at work and at play, see music and dancing, adornments and drag. There are more images of that mud ritual than you’ve ever seen, evoking the feeling of having been there. Then a closing circle and a grand procession going forth into the world.
Pan (Wayne Bund) ,Radical Faeries in the Expanded Field: defining a faerie aesthetic
This presentation seeks to define the visual culture that surrounds and makes up the Radical Faeries. The goal is to create a list of criteria that make up a Radical Faeries aesthetic. Through sampling various aspects of visual culture surrounding Radical Faeries, such as movies like The Cockettes, Hope Along The Wind, and The Sissyboy documentary, performances from no talent shows, outfits from gatherings, past and present, and artwork made by Radical Faeries, this presentation hopes to provide a compelling, dynamic, bomb-tastic, approach to viewing Radical Faerie aesthetics in a new and informed framework.
silverfang the traveler ,separatism and faerie. why, how and what the fuck??
this is a presentation on how early faeries adopted the ideals and practice of separatism, where it came from and why, how its implementation has mutated over the years, why it was and is valuable, and how to create functional separate space within a multifaceted community. also, we’ll be looking at what separatism actually means, and how to create healing in separate spaces that can then be brought back to the greater whole community.
Zak Barnett,”Harry Hay Film Project”,
This 2-day workshop will provide an opportunity to reconnect to the roots of Faerie Culture through a moderated discussion about Harry Hay and the philosophical roots of Faerie culture. Additionally, these discussions will serve as research material for a prospective feature film about Harry and the early days of the Mattachine Society.