FaePosium II (2009): Saturday’s Schedule

Please check back here often, we’ll post changes  as the schedule continues to evolve (CSC=Center for Sex and Culture, which is in the same building as Mama Calizo’s).

Descriptions of the workshops are here, ordered by presenter.

Time Location Presenter Title of Presentation
9:30-10:00 Lobby Coffee and Check-In
10:00-11:20 Theater

Jombi Diversifying the Faery Community in Regard to Race, Class and Gender. Part II: Speaking To Our Experience as Faeries of Color, Female-Bodied Faeries and Working Class.
10:00-10:50 BackAlleySally Leeza Edwards Quantum Healing
10:00-10:50 CSC Munk/Hitiris A Participatory Facilitated Discussion Entitled “Art and Mysticism as Tools for Transpersunal Transformation”
11:00-12:20 BackAlleySally Jesse Sanford Sanctuaries in the City
11:00-1:00 Black Box Zak Barnett Harry Hay Film Project: Part II
11:30-12:30 Theater Mykdeva A Spiritual Conference for Radical Fairies: The 1979 Multimedia Slideshow in Video Transcription
12:30-1:00 Break
1:00-2:00 CSC Lunch (by Mother Sister Daddy Queen)
2:00-2:50 Theater Joey Cain Roots of the Radical Fairies: Edward Carpenter and The Dear Love of Comrades
2:00-3:00 BackAlleySally Will Roscoe Desert Circle: A Celebration in Word and Sound of the First Gathering for Radical Faeries
2:00-3:00 Black Box Hypnodad Erotic Hypnosis
2:00-3:00 CSC Don Kilhefner The First Radical Faerie Gathering: The Vision
3:00-5:00 Theater Heron Saline Personal Thinking Patterns Intro: A Guided Tour of Your Own Amazing Mind!
3:00-5:00 BackAlleySally Jombi Diversifying the Faery Community in Regard to Race, Class and Gender. Part III Developing Strategies to Diversify the Radical Faery Community
3:00-4:30 Black Box Stella Maris No Men Us: Voices of Female Faeries
3:00-4:45 CSC Clayton Robins Workshop I: Mind-Body Connection 1, the basics of immune function and the bio-psycho-social cofactors that drive resilience and health.

Workshop II:  Mind-Body Connection 2: Coping with Survival Stress to restore Immunity and Health

5:00-6:00 CSC Kaleo and Chas Nol Body/Mind/Spirit:  Getting the Sex and Touch You Need
6:00-7:00 BackAlleySally Dinner (by Zuriel)
7:00-10:00 Theater Performances
10:00-2am BackAlleySally Chillout Afterparty
10:00-2am CSC Play Party