FaePosium II (2009): Friday’s Schedule

Please check back here often, we’ll post changes  as the schedule continues to evolve (CSC=Center for Sex and Culture, which is in the same building as Mama Calizo’s.)

Descriptions of the workshops are here, ordered by presenter.


Time Location Presenter Title of Presentation
9:30-10:00 Lobby Coffee and Check-In
10:00-10:50 Theater Open
10:00-11:30 BackAlleySally Mark! (Bang) Freeman Re-Calling Faerie History/Herstory: How Each of Us Found Faedom
11:00-12:30 Theater Jombi Diversifying The Faery Community In Regard to Race, Class And Gender. Part I: Coming to Terms: What It Means to Talk About Race, Class And Gender in the Radical Faery Community
11:00-11:50 CSC Murray Edelman Circle Voting: From Faerie Fire to Facebook Application to World Change
11:30-12:30 BackAlleySally Arun Removing the Curse:  Understanding Self-Destructive Programming Within Queer Culture
12:00-12:30 CSC Pan Radical Faeries in the Expanded Field: Defining a Faerie Aesthetic
12:30-1:00 BackAlleySally Welcome (by Hawthorne)
1:00-2:00 Lobby Lunch (by Wow)
2:00-2:50 Theater Huilo The New Language of the Heart
2:00-3:20 BackAlleySally W’Fang Separatism And Faerie. Why, How And What The Fuck?
2:00-2:50 CSC Joseph Kramer Negotiating Subject-SUBJECT SEX
3:00-3:50 CSC Jeremy Novy Make Change Cause Progress – A Stencil Workshop
3:00-4:30 Theater Hawthorne The Early Years of the Radical Faeries: Emergence
3:30-4:20 BackAlleySally Meadowdreamer Green Faeries Unite! Sustainability, Spirituality, and Community
(Joe Cannon)
4:00-4:30 CSC Daniel “Pippin” Borson Children in the Faerie World.
4:30-5:00 Break
5:00-5:30 BackAlleySally Opening Ritual (by W’Fang)
6:00-7:00 CSC Dinner (by Shade)
7:00-10:00 Theater Performances
7:00-8:30 Lobby Cayenne “Who wants to look pretty?”-A Sacred Drag Makeover Workshop
10:00-12:00 BackAlleySally Chillout Afterparty